A film about longing and belonging, set high up in the mountains above the Adriatic Sea. A city girl, Jagoda, visits her extended family in the Balkan countryside during the summer, awakening hope, love, and the sense of mystery.

The story unfolds in a recently fragmented space, on the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia, and is mirrored in the narrative structure of the film, which is broken in two halves and an epilogue. The ghostly presence of the young woman creates a connection between the two families, divided by the newly formed borders, with no passports or umbrellas needed.

Director: Nikola Mijović, Vlastimir Sudar

Script:  Nikola Mijović, Vlastimir Sudar

Cast: Kristina Stevović, Vahidin Prelić, Robert Budak, Nedeljko Neno Milović, Ognjen Ogi Vujović

Producer: Predrag Karlo Kalezić (Montenegro Max Film, Montenegro), Nikola Mijović, Vlastimir Sudar (Balkan kino, Serbia)

Co Producer: Goran Đikić (Media plus, Serbia), Vlado Ljevar (Banja Luka film, Republic of Srpska), Andrijana Stojković (All inclusive films, Serbia)

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Montenegro, Radio Television Montenegro, Ministry of Culture Republic of Srpska, Film Center Serbia, Goraton doo, Banja Luka film doo

Project development: Winner of  Cinelink 2008 Sarajevo Film Festival, participated at Karlove Vary Film Festival Work in Progress 2016

Festivals and awards:

  • Official competition Sarajevo Film Festival 2018
  • Official competition Niš Film Festival 2018
  • Official competition Montreal Film Festival 2018
  • Best young actress Kristina Stevović Sombor Film Festival 2018
  • Best actress Kristina Stevović, Best supporting actor Momo Pićurić i Special award for actor Nedeljko Neno Milović Mojkovac Film festival 2018
  • Official competition Raindance Film Festival London 2018
  • Official competition Cottbus Film Festival 2018
  • Official competition Cinedays Film Festival Skopje Macedonia 2018
  • Official competition Festival Autorskog Filma Srbija 2018
  • Official competition 3rd Podgorica Film Festival 2018

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