Marina is a young and talented ballerina living in Bar, Montenegro, whose career depends on moving abroad. Her mother lives in Paris and invites Marina to join her, but Marina feels uneasy to leave her hometown and father Balša, who withdrew and leaves alone ever since the divorce. Balša lives of repairing boats, mainly for his brother Boris, who lives of tourists. As a former member of a special police unit of divers, Balša lives alone in his workshop on the beach, being friends with his neighbour Anna, who is a palm reader and astrologer. Their lives change when Marko, a successful businessman and  Balša’s former colleague, makes a proposal to him. Marko asks Balša to help him take out an underwater mine forgotten in the sea since World War Two, because of which one of his businesses with a mysterious Italian could fail. Marina wants to help her father who taught her to dive, but Balša does not want her to be in danger. He would rather help her and earn her the money that could help her choose a better future. Crucified between neglect, nepotism and corruption, an unexploded mine produces enough energy for the father and his daughter to become close again, and find peace between themselves and others. After an attempt to disable the mine, Balša accepts that life needs to go on and decides to live with Anna and her son. Marina chooses her own path, aware that before she decides whether to stay or go, she needs to find herself first.

Written and Directed: Vlastimir Sudar

Produced by: Predrag Karlo Kalezić (Montenegro Max Film)

Secured finances: Filmski centar Crne Gore

Expected completion: 2025

Expected duration: 95 minuta