Lea, 21, is being diagnosed with leukemia. Having no time left she starts appreciating every hour, seeing beauty where she’s never seen before. Hoping she could change the world, Lea makes a video project aiming to give her contribution to living by creating a viral happiness effect.

Director: Borjan Zafirovski

Scriptwriter:  Borjan Zafirovski

Cast: Ana Stojanovska, Petre Arsovski, Sačko Kočev

Producer: New Macedonian Video (Macedonia)

Co producer: Predrag Karlo Kalezić (Montenegro Max Film, Montenegro), Dimče Stojanovski (Living pictures, Serbia), Video House Animation (Macedonia), Lissus Media (Albania), B2-PR&Media Solutions (Kosovo)

Supported by: Macedonian Film Agency, s, Film Center of Montenegro, Albanian National Film Center, Film center Kosovo